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  • Open Jira Issue Screen

  • For the "NextGen" view, click on the Neelix button to open the widget. The button is situated in the addons toolbar at the top of the issue screen

  • For standard view, the widget box will load automatically

  • Function 1 : Critical path health indicator. Date icon showing the count of exceptions if the delivery plan for links clashes. The decision is inferred from Approach Grid time slot allocations. If you use Due Dates, these are compared as well. Click on the indicator button to see the list of links and the critical path data details.

  • Function 2 : Experiences. Spock hand icon shows a counter of experiences registered against this issue key. Click to view experience details and to lodge a new one.

  • Function 3: Subtask Templates. If you configured Subtask templates in Neelix, these can be applied to the ticket on the spot.

  • Function 4 : Data quality check. Heartbeat icon provides a count of attributes that did not pass data quality check. Click on the button to view details. By default two rules are checked for In Progress issues - Due date not being in the past and Assignee not being blank. Additional rules can be configured within Neelix Data Quality sweeper.

  • Function 5 : Approach grid timeline snippet for the issue key