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Encourage Consistency


  • Click on Toolbox \ Data Quality option from the quick link menu situated in the header

  • Click on Settings button in order to configure rules per Project, Issue Type, Issue Status. Checks include Min-Length, Not-Empty, Equals, Greater-Than, Less-Than, Contains, Not-Observed rules.

  • Select any Jira Filter

  • Click on Run button to check selected issues scope. Modal popup will ask you to confirm if comments should be recorded on each ticket with failed Data Quality checks - this way you can prompt issue owners to rectify data gaps. 

  • Resulting grid will provides counts for Pass and Fail. Click on results to view detailed report. Called out issues can be opened as a filter in Jira search - click on the button situated within the report toolbar.

  • Data quality checks are executed seamlessly within Neelix widget for Jira issue screen. Heartbeat icon will turn from Green to Red to indicate gaps. User can click on the icon to review details.