Neelix Delivery Manager is designed to compliment your issue management boards. Multiple channels support is part of the roadmap. Currently supported channels are Atlassian Jira and Github.

As such, license costs formulation are based on following principles:

  • No locked in tiers

    • We will invoice only for the number of users permitted access during a given month cycle; You have the freedom to add / remove remove users at any time

    • Number of users granted access can be zero in order to pause

    • Neelix user gants are not locked to channels restrictions (for instance, no dependency on Atlassian Jira instance size, or Github collaborators list)

  • No fixed term

    • Number of users granted access can be zero; This will result in no charge for the next monthly period

  • Portability

    • You can change the base url or repos associated with the license at any time

    • Licenses are created in the name of either an entity or individual user; In all cases  license administrators can be changed

  • Seamlessly share the costs between teams or organisations and keep user permissions management separate

    • Each team ( or organisation partner in a larger program) can pay for their own users for the access to a given base url or repo; For such scenario, each partner organisation would simple purchase own flexible license pointing to the same base url or repo

An extensive Beta is currently in-flight under full production support.  At least two months notice will be issued when we decide to enable service charges.


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