Approach Grid focus

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Neelix Delivery Manager serves two purposes

  1. Co-ordination of activities at the team and cross-team level

  2. Assists with collaboration through a more potent approach to inspect-adapt

When organisations look to organise delivery streams into some appropriately disciplined mode, one of gotchas is the mistake of mixing PMLC (project management life-cycle, and portfolio view) with SDLC (software development life-cycle). Empirical evidence suggests that there are no silver bullets.

The pyramid of a successful delivery structure that fuels innovation should consist of following pillars:

  • Portfolio and Program Management

  • Meaningful co-ordination

  • Collaboration

Neelix speciality focus is aimed at co-ordination and collaboration. Deep-Dive and Delivery curve reporting provide glue for Program Management routines as it suits your organisational context.

The Approach Grid is all about enabling teams to strategise an execution path. The methodology is highly flexible and applicable to both scrum and research types of work due to the self-disciplined motivation. Teams will reduce stress and improve predictability through the ability to visualise true lead times and stop start nature of some dependencies. This comes without the tax of project management tools that are motivated by a Portfolio view. Neelix Approach Grid, at the same time, can usefully communicate out and defend team’s position through an instant non-linear Delivery Curve and additional Deep-Dive and Heat-Map reporting.

Delivery management is a success when it is based on self-disciplined and highly professional teams, that are not prevented from having fun. Pretentious status reporting and unreasonable top-down demands might win a certain point, but are self-defeating and would not command respect in the long run.

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