Neelix Deliver Manager Beta Program Notice

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

The spirit of Neelix is based on the recognition that individual context of teams and organisations matters more than common denominator ‘isms’. This applies to how people work and how tools are used. 

As an extension of that, we are currently working on enabling the subscription model that is not tied to user tiers of the container channel. As an example, a smaller department within your organisation will be able to purchase subscription only to a select group of users. This avoids forced over-subscriptions.

Neelix is offered for free until some time in 2020 . Please note that free use of Neelix will terminate once we launch this new subscription model. Your data will be unaffected. Service can resume unaffected once you subscribe.  At least two months notice will be issued before the subscription model is enabled.

We are cooking up a storm. Read more about licensing and pricing policy.

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